Lesson 5: Care Coordinating and Care Navigation


The Promise of Care Coordination: Transforming Health Care Delivery

Families USA, April 2013.

Part of a series to help advocates understand and engage in key health system reform issues.

Services Offered by Private Health and Patient Advocates

Tricia Torrey, August 2016.

Patient Advocate” is a very broad title that encompasses many types of patient advocacy services. The descriptions in this article will help you understand better the patient advocacy services a patient may need.

What You Need To Know: What Is Aging Life Care?

Aging Life Care Association.

Aging Life Care, also known as geriatric care management, refers to a client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges. This article highlights some of the services that may be provided by an aging life care professional.

Geriatric Care Management – Questions and Answers

Alzheimer’s Association, 2008.

A geriatric care manager coordinates care and services to meet the full social, emotional, physical, and healthcare needs of an older adult. However, care managers do not specialize in all areas. This article looks at some of the ways a geriatric care manager may help older adults and families.


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