Module 11: Trends

Module 11 Team Activity

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Student teams organize the materials on their sector and their fictitious organization into a final presentation to be shared with the class.



Team Activity Objectives

  • Select appropriate vulnerability assessment frameworks and tools as part of a risk assessment of a CI system.
  • Identify and describe cybersecurity threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks as they apply to CI systems.
  • Identify an appropriate risk management strategy for CISR.



Draw on the past work your team has done on your fictitious organization and its sector:


Prepare a summary of your team’s case study project for the class. Be sure that your team’s presentation addresses the following:

  • What you discovered about cybersecurity vulnerabilities as they relate to your particular sector
  • What mitigation techniques can be used to alleviate these issues
  • Suggestions you have for further strengthening your network’s security
  • The role of government regulation in the functioning of your organization







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