Module 3: Technologies

Module 3 Description & Objectives


A number of different networking and SCADA protocols, hardware, and security devices are available to protect a network and the devices on that network. This module addresses the various mechanisms for employing hardware, protocols, and technologies with basic protections in infrastructure and network design. It also identifies methods for enhancing the security of an enterprise network through the positioning of certain pieces of hardware, protocol, and network equipment.



  • List several types of networking hardware and explain the purpose of each.
  • List and describe the functions of common communications protocols and network standards used within CI.
  • Identify new types of network applications and how they can be secured.
  • Identify and understand the differences between IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Discuss the unique challenges/characteristics of devices associated with industrial control systems.
  • Explain how existing network administration principles can be applied to secure CIKR.



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