Module 3: Technologies

Module 3 Team Activity

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Student teams continue to build a description of the operating environment for their sector-based organizations. They identify the networking protocols and technologies that will be used within the organization.



Team Activity Objectives

  • List several types of networking hardware and explain the purpose of each.
  • List and describe the functions of common communications protocols and network standards used within CI.
  • Explain how existing network administration principles can be applied to secure CIKR.
  • Identify new types of network applications and how they can be secured.
  • Discuss the unique challenges/characteristics of devices associated with industrial control systems.



Using Visio or another diagramming application, develop and draw a network diagram of your enterprise system. See the example below.



Grading Criteria Rubric

  • Content
  • Evidence of teamwork
  • References
  • Diagram

Grade Points: 100



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