Note to Instructors

This twelve-module course includes suggested activities and assignments for each module. Particular assignments can be consolidated or eliminated, depending on the needs of specific classes.

One recommended approach is to have student teams work on case studies for fictional organizations throughout the course; their work culminates in a final project presented to the class. Instructors following this method should consider assigning student teams the creation of several presentation slides (using Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation applications), for modules in which more than one optional assignment is described. Student teams can combine all their slides into a single presentation as their team activity for Module 11, and share their team’s presentation with the class for Module 12.

Modules 1–11 include suggested assessment questions. The answers to the questions are not provided within the modules, in order to prevent students from finding and downloading them. To receive the answers, email your name, the name of your college or other institution, and your position there to CyberWatch West will email you a copy of the answer key.


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