This course is the third in a three part series for a Certificate in Care Navigation.  In this course, select topics from the Essentials course are revisited in greater depth.  Topics include: care transitions, preventive healthcare, continued discussion of chronic illness, end of life care, and challenges particular to care navigation.



  • Apply advanced care navigation strategies with activation and engagement strategies when working with clients and interdisciplinary teams.
  • Interpret the impact of demographic, age, physical, emotional, and social aspects of chronic disease and behavioral health incorporating basic population management strategies.
  • Use health literacy, change, and communication strategies.
  • Examine end of life issues for the client and family.
  • Extend knowledge of community human services, medical systems, emerging care coordination models, law/policy, ethics, and insurance to individual cases.
  • Demonstrate professional boundaries and use effective and culturally sensitive communication techniques at an intermediate level.




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