Chapter 10 Training Sessions

10.2 Developing Training Session Content & Materials

Developing the training session includes creating content-scripts (i.e., the instruction a trainer will provide the participants before they begin their active learning), selecting learning activities (strategies), developing materials for the training session, and creating an employee-learner post-test to assess learning at the end of the training session.

Developing a training sessions involves preparing materials that help employee-learners actively process the material to achieve the learning outcomes.  Examples of adult learner active learning strategies include: small group exercises, games, case studies, role-play, simulations, and observations.

Keep the following points in mind when creating learning activities for employee-learners:

  1. Materials should be clearly relevant to their work.
  2. Give them opportunities to experience the principles you are introducing.
  3. Develop training materials that take into account their level of experience and expertise.
  4. Be prepared to modify your training session while implementing based on the employee-learners needs.


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