Chapter 10 Training Sessions

10.3 Implementation & Assessment

quired is available ahead of time. It is also a good idea to preview the space for the training session to assess whether you can engage the employee-participants the way you’d like (e.g., Are desks movable?).

Before conducting the training session, trainers should ask themselves the following questions: 1. Do I know what the learning outcome is for the session? 2. Do I have the appropriate training materials developed and ready for use? 3. Have I created learning activities (strategies) that meet the needs of employee-learners?, 4. Do I have an effective post-session assessment tool?

On the day of the training session, arrive at the space early so that you can arrange the room the way you need and get any audio-visual equipment set up. Greet the employee-learners as they enter the room and encourage them to talk with one another to develop rapport. Before launching into the content review and activities for the session make sure to clearly explain the learning outcome for the training session.

As you wrap-up, make sure to summarize the training session by once again stating the learning outcome and reviewing how the activities the employee-learners engaged in developed this outcome.

At the end of a training session, facilitators often conduct an assessment to measure whether participants can demonstrate the learning outcome. Assessments may take the form of a skills check, written exam, oral demonstration.


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