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As a young undergraduate taking her first college sci fi course, it was this story that had the most impact on me. Butler is just a bad ass, and probably one of the best at using SF to question traditional notions of gender and race.

Essay Ideas

Check out this short video on the Characteristics of Coming of Age Stories. Using information from this lecture, explain how “Bloodchild” could be considered a coming of age story.

Butler has said that “Bloodchild” could be read as a “love story.” What kind(s) of love could she be referring to? How might Gan’s and/or T’Gatoi’s thoughts and actions be interpreted as acts of love? What of Gan’s mother?

How do the T’lic as a society and their relationship to the humans complicate traditional notions of gender and gender roles?

Library Notes

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Additional works by Octavia Butler:

Interview with Octavia Butler on Charlie Rose:

Additional Scholarship about Octavia Butler:

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This clip starts off with Robert Silverberg, then Karen Joy Fowler and Octavia Butler discuss how more women writers began writing science fiction in the 1970s:

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