This course is an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to apply care navigation for the benefit of the client, the first of three courses for a certificate in care navigation. Focus is on the human and healthcare services systems, client profiles and needs, communication basics, an introduction to chronic illness, and health coaching. This course serves as foundation to advanced courses.


  1. Apply basic care navigation strategies with activation and engagement strategies when working with clients and interdisciplinary teams.
  2. Recognize the impact of demographic, age, physical, emotional, and social aspects of chronic disease and behavioral health incorporating basic population management strategies.
  3. Employ basic health literacy, change, and communication strategies.
  4. Identify end of life issues for the client and family.
  5. Apply basic knowledge of community human services, medical systems, emerging care coordination models, law/policy, ethics, and insurance to individual cases.
  6. Employ professional boundaries and use effective and culturally sensitive communication techniques at a fundamental level.






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