Unit One: Introduction to Integrated Behavioral & Physical Health Care

Chapter Three: The Basis of Effective Interventions and Engaging the Patient: Health Behavior, Health Education, and Patient Activation

Unit One: Class Three

Learning Objectives

1.3.1. Describe three theories in facilitating behavioral change.

1.3.2. Explain the process of patient activation and the 5As.

1.3.3. Describe the importance of consistent use of forms, screening tools, and documentation of methods to patient engagement and the team process.

1.3.4. Describe how health behavioral models and theories contribute to design of collaborative care teams and effective integration strategies at the organization level.

1.3.5. Describe evidence-based practices to support the creation and maintenance of inter-professional patient care teams.

Reading Assignments and Videos



  • The Behavioral Health Specialist in Primary Care: Skills for Integrated Practice: Chapter 3; pgs 41-67

Online Articles:


  • List of resources and instructions for finding evidence-based practices. Guidelines for short essay and online discussion.  Also read ahead to Chapters 9 and 10 (or Unit2, Classes 4 & 5).

Online Videos:

Helpful Links:


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