State Law

WAC Standards of Professional Conduct and Reporting


Purpose of chapter.


Sexual misconduct.


Mandatory reporting—Intent.
Mandatory reporting—Definitions.
Mandatory reporting—How and when to report.
Mandatory reporting—License holder self reports.
Mandatory reporting—License holder reporting other license holders.
Mandatory reporting—Reports by professional liability insurance carriers.
Mandatory reporting—Reports by health care institutions.
Mandatory reporting—Reports by health service contractors and disability insurers.
Mandatory reporting—Reports by professional review organizations.
Mandatory reporting—Reports by courts.
Mandatory reporting—Reports by state and federal agencies.
Mandatory reporting—Reports by employers of license holders.


Sanctions—General provisions.
Sanction schedule—Practice below standard of care.
Sanction schedule—Sexual misconduct or contact.
Sanction schedule—Abuse—Physical and emotional.
Sanction schedule—Diversion of controlled substances or legend drugs.
Sanction schedule—Substance abuse.
Sanction schedule—Criminal convictions.
Sanctions—Aggravating and mitigating factors.


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