Appendix J – Acknowledgments

Numerous people contributed to the development of this Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP), including the TIP Consensus Panel (p. vii), the Knowledge Application Program (KAP) Expert Panel and Federal Government Participants (p. ix), SAMHSA Resource Panel (see Appendix G), TIP Field Reviewers (Appendix H), and the KAP Cultural Competency and Diversity Network participants (Appendix I).

This publication was produced under KAP, a Joint Venture of The CDM Group, Inc. (CDM), and JBS International, Inc. ( JBS), under contract numbers 270-99-7072, 270-04-7049, and 270-09-0307 for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.

CDM KAP personnel included Rose M. Urban, M.S.W., J.D., LCSW, LCAS, KAP Executive Deputy Project Director; Jessica L. Culotta, M.A., KAP Managing Project Co-Director; Susan Kimner, former Managing Project Co-Director; Elizabeth Marsh, former KAP Deputy Project Director; Claudia Blackburn, M.S., Psy.D., Expert Content Director; Sheldon Weinberg, KAP Senior Researcher/Applied Psychologist; Bruce Carruth, Ph.D., Expert Content Director; Raquel Witkin, M.S., former Deputy Project Manager; Janet G. Humphrey, M.A., former Editor/Writer; Virgie D. Paul, M.L.S., Librarian; Angela T. Fiastro, KAP Junior Editor; Sonja Easley and Elizabeth Plevyak, former Editorial Assistants; and Elizabeth Pratt, Ph.D., Carol Schober, Psy.D., M.S.N., and Patricia A. Burke, M.S.W., LCSW, BCD, C-CATODSW, CCS, contributing authors. Special thanks to Stephanie Perry, M.D., for providing a content review of the TIP, and to John P. Allen, Ph.D., for writing draft material and contributing information on combat stress.


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