Old Operating System Manual

To Create a Box and Whisker Plot

  1. Enter the data into a list using the procedure above.
  2. Press 2nd and Y=. This will take you to the STAT PLOT menu.
  3. Press ENTER when the desired plot number is highlighted (you might want to make sure other plots are turned off).
  4. Select the word ON and press ENTER.
  5. Press the down arrow key, and then press the right arrow key until the first icon on the second row is highlighted (it will look like a box and whisker plot with some dots) and press ENTER.
  6. Input the list in which the data are stored next to Xlist.
  7. If the data are in a single list, Freq should be set to 1. If your data has weights/frequencies associated with it, input the name of this list next to Freq.
  8. Select the mark you would like the calculator to use for outliers.
  9. Press ZOOM and 9 (ZoomStat). The calculator will now display the desired histogram. You can also press TRACE to view the values from the graph.


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