Why Study Professionalism?

Why study professionalism?

  • As with good health, the absence of professionalism is usually more obvious than its presence. Who will notice whether you have this quality or not? Your boss definitely will as will your customers and co-workers, and it can affect your ability to keep your job and advance in your career.
  • The intent of this course is to explore professionalism behaviors that employers expect in addition to knowledge and skills acquired in your chosen field. Organizations and individuals have specific values and opinions on what professionalism looks like. Often these are implied and/or differ among the organization and individuals. The concepts in this course will help you to identify potential expectations of a variety of employers.

    Course Learning Objectives:

    1. Comply with course requirements in a timely manner.
    2. Define professionalism.
    3. Identify and evaluate personal style of professionalism and compare to workplace code of ethics.
    4. Understand the concepts of Professionalism and Work Ethic.
    5. Consider Hidden Rules of the workplace.


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