Lesson 6: Creating Elder-Friendly Communities


Changing Aging – Challenging Conventional Views on Aging

Website and blog dedicated to a cultural shift about how aging is view by society, and how care is provided in communities. You can also find information about the Green House philosophy of care. See the “Categories” Section for information on culture change, embracing elderhood and more.

Village Movement – Village to Village Network

Village to Village Network (VtV) is a national peer to peer network to help establish and continuously improve management of their own villages whether in large metropolitan areas, rural towns or suburban settings. The mission of VtV is to enable communities to establish and effectively manage aging in community organizations initiated and inspired by their members.

The Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to creating quality of life for elders and their care partners, wherever they may live. Through education, consultation, and outreach, the Eden Alternative offers person-directed principles and practices that support the unique needs of different living environments, ranging from the nursing home to the neighborhood street.

Pioneer Network

Pioneer Network supports models where elders live in open, diverse, caring communities. Pioneers are working for deep system change by both evolutionary and revolutionary means, using Pioneer values and principles as the foundations for change.  In-depth change in systems requires change in governmental policy and regulation; change in the individual’s and society’s attitudes toward aging and elders; change in elders’ attitudes towards themselves and their aging; and change in the attitudes and behavior of caregivers toward those for whom they care. We refer to this work as culture change. Our aim is nothing less than transforming the culture of aging in America.

Generations United

Improving the lives of children, youth, and older adults through intergenerational collaboration, public policies and programs.


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