Treatment Theories for Addictions

Theoretical Overview of Classical Approaches and Psychoanalysis


Addiction Treatment: Theory and Practice

Rasmussen, S. (2000). Thousand Oaks, Calif: SAGE Publications, Inc.

American Journal of Nursing, 2001 Book of the Year Award in Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing Building upon generic concepts and skills of caring and helping, this book provides a foundation for addiction practice by health and social services professionals. Chapters emphasize the knowledge considered essential in every area, and each chapter identifies the skills required and suggests topics for further study.

Handbook of Implicit Cognition and Addiction

Stacy, Alan W., Wiers, Reinout Willem Henry Jon. Thousand Oaks, CA; SAGE Publications, Inc.

The Handbook of Implicit Cognition and Addiction features the work of an internationally renowned group of contributing North American and European authors who draw together developments in basic research on implicit cognition with recent developments in addiction research.


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