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44 Wolfland


Tanith Lee

Since I didn’t include it with Carter, I will with Lee: a rewrite of my favorite fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood.” Here. 


Librarian Note

Originally published in

The Magazine Of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Vol 59 No 4 (No 353), October 1980. Pages: 97-121.

Theme: Scandinavia, The Nineteenth Century (retelling of Little Red Riding Hood)

Synopsis: “Lisel is called to visit her maternal grandmother Anna, a woman she has never seen in her sixteen years. At Anna’s château, Lisel hears stories of the abuse Anna suffered at the hand of her husband, and of the yellow flower that allowed a transformed Anna to defend herself.

Wolfland is an example of a novelette which is a genre mostly used in science-fiction and fantasy-fiction (see the Hugos and the Locus Awards).



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