This textbook includes openly licensed and public domain material both required and supplementary for this course: written short stories, audio books, PDFs, radio shows, short films, images, and articles.

The Table of Contents will list all most required readings some of which will be in the print coursepack (purchase at the Bookstore) and some will be only available online. Please check the syllabus to see where each reading is located. Other places to find course material: course CANVAS site, English 136 Course Packet, class handouts, and books that you have purchased for this course. You may also find some material just by searching for the author and title online.

Some of the online material will have print options, and it is recommended that you print this material for class (see instructions for each text). However, some of this material will only be viewable online. We will have lab days that correspond to this material, but feel free to bring laptops and smart devices to class.

Feel free to direct any questions or concerns that cannot be answered by other course material to your instructor.

Best Practices Reading Online

How to Navigate this Textbook

Just so you all are aware, I am not the most tech savvy person out there (I lean more toward pastoral fantasy than tech heavy sci fi). This textbook is also an experiment that WCC is trying out for the first time this quarter, so I may not have all the answers for you right away when it comes to navigating and using all the features of this online textbook, but don’t hesitate to ask me or other classmates how to do something, and please share any tricks or treasures you find during the quarter. I can always add new material.

Here is what I know so far:

  • Like CANVAS, the navigation bar is on the left hand side of screen, there is a top left navigation bar that will take you back to the title page of the textbook.
  • You have access to the Table of Contents from the title page, and you can just click on the links there to take you right to a text
  • Play around, and report if you find anything interesting!
  • If you need tech help with this textbook and I am not available, email Ro McKernan, the librarian that is co-administrator for this textbook. And Don’t Panic!



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