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Amanda Martin

faerie worlds 2007 3Hi all! Love to have you in the resurrected English 136: Science Fiction & Fantasy this quarter! A bit about me: I teach English composition, English literature, Humanities 101, and the odd Honors Seminar on monsters and monster theory at Whatcom Community College. I received my graduate degree from WWU, and was lucky to have a group of faculty there delighted to give me feedback on my Master’s Thesis about Victorian female werewolves. I’ve always been a science fiction and fantasy fan, and wanted to keep that delight going by focusing on authors and texts you might not be familiar with, though I have also selected some classics, too. My main aim in making this anthology was to include texts that show:

  1. a diversity of authors in terms of race, religion, and gender,
  2. the large swath of time and early historical influences of the genres,
  3. representative examples of particular sci fi and fantasy subgenres,
  4. texts that became pivotal in the evolution of the genres and society in general, and
  5. how awesome these genres really are in terms of plumbing the depths of what is possible, what is ethical, and what is human(e).

I hope you enjoy the show!


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