Lesson 1 Overview of Behavioral Health Systems

Optional Readings

Integration Behavioral Health Case Studies: Final Report

Jennifer J. Brya, MA, MPP Karen W. Linkins, Ph.D. March 2010.

Each case study is organized into the following sections: a) Clinic History and Description b) Motivation for Integration c) Approach to Integrated Behavioral Healthcare.

“The Neglect of Mental Illness Exacts a Huge Toll, Human & Economic”

Scientific American. March 1, 2012.

An article addressing the neglect of mental illness and the effect that this has had on the economy, as well as those suffering from mental health disorders.

“Cost of not caring: Nowhere to go” 

Liz Szabo. USA TODAY. May 2014.

Another article detailing the emotional and economic effect of neglecting mental illness, the author focuses on the lack of available space for people with serious mental illness noting that most end up in jail or on the streets.

“Physical illness in patients with severe mental disorders. I. Prevalence, impact of medications and disparities in health care”

Marc de Hert et. al. World Psychiatry. U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health. 10(1): 52–77. February 2011.

A report detailing the codependent relationship between mental illness and other medical conditions, citing that people with severe mental illness (SMI) are more likely to live shorter, more medically complicated lives.

“Health & Homelessness”

American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association discusses the relationship between mental health and homelessness and evaluates the psychologists’ role in ending homelessness.

Homeless Health Guides and Reports

Queen’s Nursing Institute. Last revised 2016.

A resource webpage for information on health and homelessness, including reports on many areas of health care that are issues for people living on the street, like oral health and mental health.

“Mental disorders keep thousands of homeless on streets”  

Rick Jervis. USA Today. August 2014.

A four-part article discussing the number of homeless people in the United States, how many are suffering from mental illness, what resources are available to them, and how to curb the epidemic and get help to those in need.


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