Lesson 2 Introduction to the Mental Health Care System

Required Readings

Mental Health Information

National Institute of Mental Health

Students will please read 3 Mental Disorders and Mental Health Topics of their choice.

SLAP / PALS (pdf download) Method for Assessing Suicide Risk

Behavioral Institute

SLAP or PALS is an acronym for the components involved in assessing suicide risk. This method will help you determine not only the risk, but also the proper course of treatment.

Suicide Risk Assessment Guide

U.s. Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Mental Health Resources

A guide to possible suicide warning signs, as well as how to respond correctly to a potentially dangerous situation. It also discusses, pharmacological treatment, previous suicide myths, and factors that contribute to suicide risk.

For Online Discussion:

Reducing Suicide:  A National Imperative РExecutive Summary 

Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, The National Academies Press, 2002.

A small summary in a large book detailing how and why we need to reduce the risk of suicide, the executive summary provides a condensed overview of this problem and why it must be addressed. It provides recommendations for how to reduce the annual number of suicides and good information about risk factors, treatment, and prevention.


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