Lesson 5 Navigation as a System Approach

Required Readings

Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Care: Promising Medicaid Models (Executive Summary)

Mike Nardone, Sherry Snyder, and Julia Paradise, Kaiser Family Foundation, February 2014

This brief examines five promising approaches currently underway in Medicaid to better integrate physical and behavioral health care.

Healthcare Integration in the Era of the Affordable Care Act

Colette Croze, MSW, the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness, July 2015

This paper articulates the critical capabilities that specialized behavioral health organizations contribute to models and approaches to integrated care, thus enabling the improved patient outcomes that result from integration.


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“Whatcom guides development of emerging healthcare role”

Cindy Burman-Woods, courtesy to The Bellingham Herald, November 2014

An informational article about the certificates and training available at Whatcom Community College in order to best meet the needs of patients in an age of a changing healthcare climate.

“A Team-Based Approach to Primary Care”

Kathleen Masterson, UCSF News Center, August 2014

An article discussing the benefits of having a team-based approach, rather than just one primary care doctor.


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