To Create a Histogram of a Probability Distribution

  1. Input the values of the random variable into L1 (remember to use the class midpoints for continuous random variables).
  2. Input the associated percentages, formatted as decimals, into L2.
  3. Press 2nd Y= and ENTER to edit stat plot 1.
  4. Press ENTER when the word ON is highlighted to turn on the stat plot.
  5. Select the histogram graphic and press ENTER.
  6. Set the Xlist: to L1.
  7. Set the Freq: to L2.
  8. Press WINDOW.
  9. Set up the window as follows:
  10. Xmin: lowest x-value from L1
  11. Xmax: a little higher than the highest x-value from L1
  12. Xscl: the “increment of change” of the x-variable in L1
  13. Ymin: 0
  14. Ymax: a little higher than the maximum probability from L2
  15. Yscl: Could use a lot of things here, but 0.05 works pretty well
  16. Xres: 1
  17. Press GRAPH. The calculator should now display the graph of the specified binomial distribution.


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