To Make a Histogram

  1. Enter the data into a list using the procedure above.
  2. Press 2nd and Y=. This will take you to the STAT PLOT menu.
  3. Press ENTER when the desired plot number is highlighted (you might want to make sure other plots are turned off).
  4. Select the word ON and press ENTER.
  5. Press the down arrow key, and select the third icon in the first row (it will look like a histogram) and press ENTER.
  6. Input the list in which the data are stored next to Xlist.
  7. If your data are all stored in one list, Freq should be set to 1. If you have a list of frequencies associated with your list of data, you will need to input the name of this list on the Freq line.
  8. Press WINDOW.
  9. Set up the window as follows:
  10. Xmin: lowest class boundary
  11. Xmax: highest class boundary
  12. Xscl: class width
  13. Ymin: 0
  14. Ymax: a little higher than the largest frequency
  15. Yscl: Could use a lot of things here, but 1 will work
  16. Xres: 1
  17. Press GRAPH. The calculator should now display the desired histogram. You can view details about each of the bins by pressing TRACE.


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