To Test Hypotheses Using Paired (Dependent) Data:

  1. Store your data in two lists, L1 and L2 for example.
  2. Create a list of the differences by scrolling over and up until L3 is highlighted. Then press 2nd 1 minus 2nd 2, and press ENTER. This stores a list of differences in L3.
  3. Press STAT.
  4. Press the right arrow key to scroll over to the TESTS menu.
  5. Press the down arrow key to scroll down until T-Test is highlighted and press ENTER.
  6. Highlight Data and press ENTER.
  7. Specify the mean value from the null hypotheses, the list where the differences are stored, the frequency (usually 1), and the alternate hypothesis.
  8. Highlight the word Calculate and press ENTER.
  9. The calculator should now display the results of the hypothesis test.


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