To Generate Pseudo-Random Integers

  1. Once you have first seeded your calculator, if necessary, press MATH and use the right arrow key to scroll over to the PRB menu.
  2. Highlight randInt and press ENTER.
  3. Your screen should now display the prompt randInt(.
  4. Enter the range of data values you want the random numbers to be generated from, separated by a comma. Then, use one more comma and select the amount of numbers you want it to return at one time. For example, randInt(1,6,3) will generate 3 random integers between 1 and 6, while randInt(0,99,5) will generate 5 random integers between 0 and 99.
  5. Make sure to close the parentheses and press ENTER. The calculator should return the requested amount of random numbers. If you keep pressing ENTER, this will create additional “trials.”


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