The Communication Department at Indiana State University would like to acknowledge the following contributors to the creation and continued success of the OER textbook.

A great appreciation for the open source Pressbooks WordPress Plugin to complete our layout, editing, and publishing of the OER textbook.

This book is a joint effort of the Department of Communication, Career Center, Center for Community Engagement, Center for Global Engagement, Office of Student Conduct and Integrity, Scott College of Business, and Cunningham Memorial Library. The book is compiled from three sources, including two Open Education Resources:

Heather Rayl (Indiana State University) for her design and work with developing various versions of the textbook to be offered in a variety of formats for our students and her tireless efforts in editing, copyright work, and ADA compliance. In large part to her service, you have the look and feel of the OER textbook.

Images used in this book are credited at the end of each chapter.

For support in editing and review of OER content, we are grateful to Ann O’Connor-Ledbetter (Ivy Tech Community College) and Natasha Rascon (Indiana State University) who joined the project and laid the groundwork for the first edition of Introduction to Public Communication at Indiana State University.

Supplementing these OER sources, the following individuals provided chapter development and original authorship for the first edition: Kourtney Barrett (Indiana State University), Brian Johnston (Indiana State University), Ann O’Connor-Ledbetter (Ivy Tech Community College), and Katherine Pine (Indiana State University).

Special thanks to those who have endured working on the revision of the textbook for another year and its future. Revisions and continued original authorship by Katherine Pine (Indiana State University) and Bryan-Mitchell Young (Indiana State University); editing by Bryan Hayden (Indiana State University) and Natasha Rascon (Indiana State University).

We also wish to thank our ISU cohort of colleagues for their support and feedback on this project: Abram Book, Kelly Brown, Chad Clark, Jamie Edwards, Jessica Foxworthy, Claudine Gaston, Richard Green, Steven Hardin, Zakaria Jouaibi, Martha Milner, Jennifer Mullin, Malissa Muyumba, Neil Singleton, Csilla Stewart, Kevin Ward.

Thank you to all who supported this endeavor, and to all of you who will prolong its legacy.


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