Greetings, and welcome to Communication 101: Introduction to Public Communication at Indiana State University!

On behalf of the Department of Communication and all who teach Communication 101 here at Indiana State University and throughout the state of Indiana as part of our College Challenge Program, we are proud to present to you Introduction to Public Communication, an open education resource (OER) textbook.

An Open Education Resource, in this case, refers to the academic material that is fully vetted according to the highest academic standards and free to others for educational purposes. The contents of our OER textbook, Introduction to Public Communication, can also be used to supplement traditional textbooks as needed.  By integrating this OER  the savings in student costs for ISU students are both substantial and sustainable- more than $400,000.00 in one academic year. In addition, we believe there are other profound benefits coupled with the recurring monetary value of this textbook.

In many ways, this is a social justice project. The free textbook increases access to higher education for students of all ages and situations- high school graduates as well as those seeking a career change. It also signifies a shift in values. By means of co-authorship and collaborative knowledge gathering, taking the OER turn makes it possible for us to effectively partner Communication 101 with many other stellar departments at ISU including the Career Center, Center for Community Engagement, Center for Global Engagement, Office of Student Conduct and Integrity, Scott College of Business, and Cunningham Memorial Library. Additional benefits include increased academic freedom for instructors, an ISU-centric learning experience for ISU students, and a flexible textbook that can be easily updated to keep pace with trends in Communication Education, technology, and an ever-changing global world.

The first edition of Introduction to Public Communication was launched Fall 2016 at Indiana State University. In the spirit of collective and collaborative assessment, short surveys were completed that provided us with essential feedback for improving the textbook. The revised edition for Fall 2017 is the current edition of the OER text.

The OER textbook is used to administer the hybrid basic course for the Department of Communication at Indiana State University and the College Challenge courses in the program.

Communication 101: Introduction to Public Communication is a significant part of the Foundational Studies (General Education) program at ISU. The course is fast-paced and taught as a hybrid communication course focusing on several aspects of communication effectiveness, including public speech, writing, group communication, professional development. The workload in this course is appropriate to a freshman level class.

The Communication 101 textbook, Introduction to Public Communication, is an important resource for learning about communication and successfully completing the course. This textbook introduces you to the insights generated by centuries of Communication study and research. Each chapter offers valuable knowledge applicable to every degree on ISU’s campus. Through your course readings, you will:

  • Define communication study and theory
  • Understand intercultural communication through global awareness
  • Identify the role of conflict in everyday life and conflict management
  • Examine the role of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Appraise the importance of listening as a communication skill
  • Recognize the complexities of personal and professional relationships
  • Assemble to work effectively in small groups
  • Use informed learning to conduct research
  • Construct informative and persuasive presentations



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