Module Two: The Client

Unit 6: End of Life / Palliative Care

Learning Objectives

In this section, the student will:

  • Describe end of life issues that may arise with clients and their families, including evaluation of support, ethical concerns, comfort care, and advanced directives
  • Identify processes to assist clients who have end of life care needs to navigate the health care system
  • Describe care navigation process in assisting clients with end of life concerns and processes
  • List caregiver resources for end of life support

Key Resources

medlineplus logoFrom Medline Plus

National Institute of Aging

Further Information


Related Issues


Clinical Trials

Journal Articles References and abstracts from MEDLINE/PubMed (National Library of Medicine)

Reference Desk

  • Glossary (Center to Advance Palliative Care)


Patient Handouts

Hospice   Hospice Foundation of America  (HFA)

HFA is a trusted source of information on end of life, hospice care and grief. Throughout this site you will find information about living with advanced life-limiting illness, options for care and helpful resources for caregivers.


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