Unit Two: Interventions

Chapter 7: Team collaboration, work flow, and scope of practice

Unit 2: Class Two

Learning Objectives

2.2.1. Describe ways to foster effective communication between the patient and all members of the care team
2.2.2. Describe ways to address communication challenges (such as language barriers, varied communication styles, and role clarity confusion) among team members
2.2.3. List the most common barriers that the health system presents and some possible strategy work arounds in a team approach.
2.2.4. Describe approaches to whole person care, workflow, and referrals.
2.2.5. List resources and explain the importance of establishing a clear scope of practice in a collaborative organization.

Reading Assignment and Videos

Online Articles:

The Center for Integrated Health Solutions Workflow Workbook, developed by CIHS to help SAMHSA PBHCI grantees examine the business processes and workflows for the integration of primary and behavioral health care. Below are some additional diagrammed examples:

Online Videos:

  • IMPACT Module 2: Key Components of Integrated Care
    • Link: http://impact-uw.org/training/onlinetraining.html
      • Sections A: Care Manager Core Skill (14 min)
      • Section B: Initial Visit (20 min)
      • Section C: Patient Education and Treatment Plan (15 min)
      • Section D: Monitoring (21 min)
      • Section E: Relapse Prevention (25min)

Optional Videos:


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