Unit Five: Care Coordination, Collaboration, & Teamwork

Chapter 21: Models for collaboration, goal setting, and interoffice procedures

Unit Five: Class One

Learning Objectives

5.1.1. Explain the key components of a collaborative care team plan to ensure effective collaborations and the importance of a unified vision for Collaborative Care for your organization.
5.1.2. Describe Collaborative Care’s key tasks, including patient engagement and identification, treatment initiation, outcome tracking, treatment adjustment and relapse prevention.
5.1.3. Discuss how institutions can plan for funding, space, human resource, and other administrative needs.
5.1.4. Describe management strategies to monitor patient enrollment and tracking of patients in a registry.
5.1.5. Describe the TeamSTEPPS approach to working as a collaborative team, goal setting, and interpersonal communication.

Reading Assignments & Videos


Integrated Care: Creating Effective Mental and Primary Health Care Teams.  Challenging Clinical Situations -Chapter 9; 207-225

Online Articles:

Optional Online Videos:

IMPACT Modules:
  • Module 6: Challenging Cases & Psychiatric Consultation (3videos, range 5min-40min)
  • Module 11: Implementation Lessons from the Real World (6 videos, range 11min- 2hr 8min)
  • Module 12: Planning Implementation (3 videos, 10min- 1hr)


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