Unit Five: Care Coordination, Collaboration, & Teamwork

Chapter 24: Risk management, relapse prevention, and managing behavioral health crises

Unit Five: Class Four

Learning Objectives

5.4.1. Describe common tactics used to complete health risk assessments and global function assessment, thus insuring the most appropriate level of care.
5.4.2. List three key elements of health crisis management system.
5.4.3. Explain how a group intervention may be utilized to address a health crisis.
5.4.4. Discuss the importance of a clear emergency management policy and procedure when working in a collaborative care model.
5.4.5. Be able to complete a patient safety/prevention plan and emergency plan.

Reading Assignments


Integrated Care: Working at the Interface of Primary Care and Behavioral Health; Risk Management and Liability Issues in Integrated Care-Chapter 5, pgs 91-110

Online Articles:


  • Relapse Prevention Guidelines and Contracts/Forms
  • Suicide Prevention Guidelines and Contracts/Forms

Collaborative Care Toolkit:

Optional Online Articles:


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