Unit Three: Screening Tools and Procedures

Chapter 15: Other Screening Tools: global function, independence, support networks, health barriers, culture, and health literacy issues.

Unit Three: Class Five

Learning Objectives

3.5.1. Explain the purpose and use of global function testing and screening for independence.
3.5.2. Describe how you might approach the patient about identifying support networks and the legalities of involving these people in patient care with complex perpetual authorization documents.
3.5.3. List common health barriers to accessing care and compliance.
3.5.4. Describe the demographics of your patient service region and some cultural considerations in patient care.
3.5.5. Explain the purpose of assessing health literacy and how it effects the creation of effective intervention plans.
3.5.6. List five resources to assist you or the patient with providing whole-person care and how you might use them in an intervention (this can include other providers, social services, patient education materials/databases, or local health agencies that provide support to providers or patients).

Reading Assignments

Online Article:

  • Wellness Action Plan; Behavioral Health & Wellness, Trilogy Integrated Resources
    • Link: http://www.mentalhealthaction.org/WellnessbrRecoverybrnbspActionPlan.aspx

Selected Case Studies, to be done in class from the text:

Galanti,Geri-Ann: Ebook 2013. Caring for Patients from Different Cultures, Fourth Edition;  University of Pennsylvania Press.


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