Unit One: Introduction to Integrated Behavioral & Physical Health Care

Chapter Two: Collaborative Care Approach, Whole Person Philosophy and Integration

Unit One: Class Two


Learning Objectives

1.2.1. Explain how the Collaborative (Chronic) Care Model is used in the integration of whole person care.

1.2.2. Define whole person care philosophy.

1.2.3. Compare and contrast different models of integration. (i.e. Co-location, Behavioral Health Homes, Primary Care Behavioral Health, Collaborative Chronic Care Model, Patient-Centered Care, Person Centered Health Homes, Bi-Directional Care Model.)

1.2.4. List models currently being used in North Sound Region.


Reading Assignments and Videos


  • Integrated Care: Creating Effective Mental and Primary Health Care Teams: Preface & Chapter 1; pgs ix-xiv and 1-23

 Online Articles:




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