Unit Three: Screening Tools and Procedures

Chapter 11: Population –Based Care and Measurement-Based Treatment to Target: Managing co-occurring health issues as a team

Unit Three: Class One

Learning Objectives

3.1.1. Describe two common patient care work flow models used in primary care offices for the treatment of physical conditions.
3.1.2. Explain three methods how behavioral health specialists can integrate into work flow models to enhance whole person care.
3.1.3. Explain how other services like care navigation, social services, peer groups, and local health care agencies can enhance whole person care.
3.1.4. Describe three ways to document in an electronic medical record care plans to communicate and track services recommended and referrals.
3.1.5. Explain procedures for collaborating with other team members, such as group meetings to discuss a case, working with case managers, initiating home health services and electronic order sets.

Reading Assignments


  • The Behavioral Health Specialist in Primary Care: Skills for Integrated Practice: Geriatric Conditions – Chapter 8, pgs 185-204.

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