Unit Five: Care Coordination, Collaboration, & Teamwork

Chapter 23: Overview of common medications & management as a team

Unit Five: Class Three

Learning Objectives

5.3.1. List ten common medications used in primary care and describe their indication of use.
5.3.2. List ten common medications used in mental health care and describe their indications of use.
5.3.3. List ten commonly abused medications and substances and the effect on the body.
5.3.4. List five common medications used in substance abuse treatment and their indications of use.
5.3.5. Explain how clear office policy and procedure insure the safe use of prescription medications in a collaborative care team approach.


Reading Assignments & Videos


Integrated Care: Creating Effective Mental and Primary Health Care Teams. Evidence-based Pharmacology for the Collaborative Care Team – Chapter 11; 238-291 (Mostly an Abbreviated Drug Guide)

Online Videos:

IMPACT Modules:
  • Module 4: Antidepressant Medications (5 videos, range 10min-1hr 20min)
UW AIMS Center



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