Unit Four: Systems Oriented Practice

Chapter 16: Primary care systems and management

Unit Four: Class One

Learning Objectives

4.1.1. Explain the current standards for systems oriented practice models for delivery of primary care.
4.1.2. List three way you might have to adjust the delivery of care under CMS guidelines, ACOs, MCOs, HMOs, medical homes, or health insurance exchanges.
4.1.3. Summarize three effective evidence-based practices identified in practice management case scenarios.
4.1.4. List the pros and cons of both clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness strategies in decision-making about the organization and delivery of services.
4.1.5. Explain two successful strategies in combining problem-based and behavior-based systems oriented practices.

Reading Assignments


  • Integrated Care: Working at the Interface of Primary Care and Behavioral Health; Behavioral Health Homes -Chapter 9, pgs 193-215

Online Articles:

Excerpts from:

The Collaborative Care Toolkit:

Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions, University of Washington

 As recommended by the text: Integrated Care: Creating Effective Mental and Primary Health Care Teams

Link: https://aims.uw.edu/collaborative-care


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